We’re bringing this from Asia straight to your bathroom in our first ever Home Head Spa class.

We are very excited to announce this special class co-taught with special guest teacher - Ritsuko Borges, the master of Japanese Head Spa in New York!

In Asia, ways to increase your health are imbedded into many aspects of  daily life—even a trip to the salon. When you get a cut or blow out, it comes with epic levels of scalp, neck, and shoulder massage. Why? Because they know the secret to strong beautiful hair is a healthy scalp with lots of healthy blood flow.

Lanshin founder, Sandra will teach you how to use Gua Sha on your scalp to improve blood flow and relax tight scalp muscles. Ritsuko will continue with a step-by-step lesson in how to do a proper Head Spa shampoo. You’ll learn shampoo massage techniques that increase circulation and really cleanse the follicles - keys to healthy hair growth.

In this class, we'll cover...

  • What is Head Spa and why you should do it

  • The connection between scalp Gua Sha and facial health

  • Demonstrations of scalp Gua Sha and a proper Head Spa shampoo that can be replicated at home

  • The best products for a relaxing and healthful Head Spa experience

You’ll need...

  • A special scalp stimulating tool or your Gua Sha tool (we are using the Lanshin Scalp Stimulator)

  • Shampoo and your favorite scalp oil or treatment

  • Wear an old T-shirt or a robe

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  • $95.00

Discover expert Gua Sha techniques and wisdom from TCM.