Qi Lift: Facial Gua Sha for Longevity and Glow

If you want to lift your face, you have to lift your Qi.

Join me for another follow-along to relax tension in all the tight places that hold our jowls back from their beautiful best. We will combine Gua Sha, and Qi Gong meditation to draw on your deeper life forces within and draw it outward to light up your Original Face.

In this Qi Lift for jowls I will be using the Lanshin Intro Gua Sha tool, but you will also be able to follow with a Lanshin Pro Gua Sha tool!

What is Qi Lift Follow Along? This is our 60 minute Gua Sha follow-along, not an in depth class with notes and slides. Think of it like a yoga class, but Gua Sha mixed with Qi-Gong meditation.

Join Us on Thursday, September 28th @ 7pm ET

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Qi Flow: Facial Gua Sha for Longevity and Glow

  • $35.00
  • 3 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Discover expert Gua Sha techniques and wisdom from TCM.