Traditional Gua Sha at Home

by Lanshin TCM Practitioners

*Not a professional training class

Join us LIVE on Thursday, October 26th @ 7pm-9pm ET.

In this class we are teaching a home version of the original Gua Sha healing technique. When practiced safely under guidance of trained acupuncturists, this is an incredible skill that you can use at home to help relieve colds & flus, end pain, boost your immune system, and open the energy channels that strengthen vital organ health. 

Gua Sha is an incredibly important tool that we use all the time in professional acupuncture practice, often pairing it with needle treatment. It is also an ancient practice passed down in East Asian culture and used by home medical teams - Dr. Auntie, Granny and Mama - to help the family heal from illnesses and relieve discomfort. 

Please read the disclaimers below before signing up for class.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

If you are interested in taking this class please be in agreement on the following:

  • You will attend the live class on 10/26 so a TCM practitioner can observe and correct your technique.

  • You will practice Gua Sha on yourself only. This class is not for you to practice on another person (though we may teach that in a future class, it is important for safety to learn on yourself first).

  • This is not a face class, we will be applying Gua Sha to the neck and back.

  • This style of Gua Sha will likely produce temporary red markings (aka, Sha or petechiae) on your skin that is normal to Gua Sha practice, and not a sign of phyiscal injury or damage.

  • You should not be undergoing for a severe medical illness. Please consult with your physician before considering this class.

  • **Not a professional training class. If you are an esthetician, massage therapist, PT or medical doctor - you are not qualified to use or teach Gua Sha on your clients from your participation in this class.

Class comes with:

  • TOOLS: For this style of Gua Sha our primary tools will be clean mason jar type lid and porcelain soup spoon. We will be sending you these - they are included with your class fee**

  • A 60min Live Zoom follow-up Q&A session on Tuesday 11/7 @6pm EST for extra support

  • **We will be sending all US Domestic Registrants a Porcelain Spoon & Metal Lid to use during this class. This will be automatically added to cart and the shipping discount taken during checkout.

We will be using:

  • Mason jar lid

  • Porcelain Soup Spoon

  • Shea Terra Egyptian Black Seed oil

  • Po Sum On Medicated Oil or White Flower medicated Oil

Join us on Thursday, October 26th @ 7pm ET

    1. Pre-Class Slides

    2. 1 Welcome!

    3. 2 Intro & Class Purpose

    4. 3 What is Gua Sha?

    5. 4 Gua Sha Goals

    6. 5 History and Heritage

    7. 6 Traditional Vs. Face Gua Sha

    8. 7 Gua Sha at Home

    1. Live Class Slides

    2. Lecture

    3. Demo

    4. Aftercare and Q&A

    1. Post-Attendance Survey

Traditional Gua Sha

  • $95.00

Discover expert Gua Sha techniques and wisdom from TCM.