Get Ready for Dragon Year 2024 With Tamsin Lee, EAMP, DA[o]M

Dragon Year Is Coming 2/10/24, Get Ready!

According to our fave East Asian Metaphysics expert, Tamsin Lee, D.A[o]M, EAMP - 2024 is going to be....intense. The Dragon energy will more easily distract us with chaos. But don’t fret, we can prepare now to handle the Dragon with grace and know-how.

Join me and Tamsin on Tuesday, January 30th @ 7pm ET for a free subscriber-only hour of lunar astrology wisdom. We’ll discuss why we need to get super grounded (and how) and we’ll close Rabbit year with a solid review. This will help us tie up loose ends and prep for the Dragon!

Tamsin will also talk to us about “Period 9” which is also arriving with the Dragon year. This is a huge macrocosmic shift in the Qi that will arrive in 2024, bringing huge changes in technology (think AI!). There’s so much to talk about! See you there!

Join us LIVE on Tuesday, January 30th @ 7pm ET

    1. 1. Meet Tamsin

    2. 2. Gifts from Tamsin

    3. 3. What is Bazi Astrology

    4. 4. Top 3 Things to Know About Dragon Year

    5. 5. How Dragon Qi + Period 9 Will Effect The World

    6. 6. How The Yin Water Rabbit Grows into the Yang Wood Dragon

    7. 7. What is Period 9

    8. 8. Dragon Qi & Finance + Work trends

    9. 9. The importance of self-care in Dragon Year

    10. 10. Rabbit + Dragon Year Details

    11. 11. How to find your Bazi chart

    12. 12. The 5 Elements + Bazi

    13. 13. Live Audience Q&A

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Get Ready for Dragon Year 2024 With Tamsin Lee, EAMP, DA[o]M

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