Tech neck = problems for your health and beauty.

From neck pain, dizziness, sinus congestion, bad allergies to heavy chins and jaws - the damage done to our necks from being literally attached to our phones is real. 

Join me for a free online Gua Sha Follow-Along where I’ll flow through a short Gua Sha routine for undoing tech neck and jaw.

Note: this is not an instructional class where I break down the steps and provide details on technique. It’s more like a yoga flow practice, except Gua Sha. This is a chance for you to practice your Gua Sha skills in real time with me. 

You’ll need...

  • Your Gua Sha tool or Lanshin Massager - we’ll be using the Lanshin Pro Gua Sha tool 

  • Facial hydrating mist and oil of your choice

Tune in LIVE

Join us on Wednesday, May 10 at 6pm ET

  1. FREE Gua Sha Follow-along: Neck & Jaw

FREE Gua Sha Follow-Along: Neck & Jaw

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