Course curriculum

    1. Easy, 6-Minute Lips Tutorial

    2. Easy, 6-Minute Eye Routine

    3. The Secret to Deep, Lasting Skin Hydration

    1. Gua Sha Routine for Allergy Relief

    2. Neck Points for Allergy Relief

    3. Relieve Allergies With Your Skincare

    4. This All-Natural Chinese Herbal Nasal Spray Works

    5. Force Your Cold Out With Heat

    1. Secret TCM Insomnia Food-Remedy

    2. The Power of Plain Millet

    3. Where Sandra Get's Millet

    4. Get Better Sleep & Prevent Hair Loss

    5. How To Sleep When You're Too Stressed

    1. Sleep So Good & Prevent Hair Loss

    2. Recreating this Relaxing Head Spa At Home

    3. How I Prevent Hair Loss with TCM

    4. Scalp Massage Nightmare

    1. Acupoints for Bloating & Food Babies

    2. Acupressure for Gas, Bloating, and Stomach Pain

    3. Stop Having Smoothies and Iced Coffee for Breakfast

    4. Why You Should Slap Your Spleen In Summer

    1. Cold Cold vs Hot Cold

    2. If You Feel Like You're Getting A Cold

    3. You're Sleeping Too Close To Your Fan or AC

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